Motspur Park Community Football Club (CIC) is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales which acts as an overarching legal entity for our various footballing related activities. The company is registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC) which means that our activities are regulated by the Regulator of Community Interest Companies to ensure that the company acts in the best interest of the community for which it was established and not for personal gain. This status includes an asset lock ensuring that all company assets are used for the benefit of the community or redistributed to charitable sporting causes upon dissolution.

Community Interest Statement

The company’s activities will provide benefit to the community and in particular adults, children, and young people in Motspur Park and the surrounding areas of Southwest London. The company has been setup to (a) encourage participation in sports in Motspur Park and wider areas by providing facilities for, and promoting participation in, football in Motspur Park thereby encouraging the health and wellbeing of local participants whilst providing a hub where participants can socialise, (b) provide club premises by providing and maintaining club premises and sports equipment for the use of the company’s members without discrimination, and (c) provide further charitable endevaours such as other charitable, philanthropic, benevolent, co-operative, sporting or social activities for the benefit of the community as the Directors may from time to time decide. If the company makes any surplus, it will be used in furtherance of the objects for the benefit of the community.

Company Directors

MPCFC (CIC) is run by the following board of directors:

  • Executive Directors
    • Company Secretary – Daniel Hammocks
    • Managing Director – Gary Hammocks
    • Director of Finances – Benjamin Brookes
    • Director of Football – Andy Parrott
    • Director for Health, Welfare & Safety – Timothy Hinks
  • Non-Executive Directors
    • Chairperson – Kat Browne

Company Members

  • The company membership is equal to the companys directorship.

The Legal Stuff

Company Name

Motspur Park Community Football Club (CIC)

Country of Registration

England and Wales

Registered Address

Motspur Park Community Football Club, 17 Stonecot Hill, Sutton SM3 9HB

Company Number


Company Secretary Contact Details

Daniel Hammocks
07765 928 618